Zara Spring 2014

Zara Spring 2014

Yesterday, in a moment of weakness, I found myself in Zara. There are a few reasons why I no longer shop at Zara, which I will delve into in tomorrow’s post. But, putting aside ethics, quality, and issues surrounding fast-fashion … Continue reading

Falling in love with leather

When I got my first real job, I bought myself a brown, pebbled leather hobo bag from Danier It had brass rings that secured the shoulder strap to the body of the bag, and it made my awkward 22-year-old self feel trendy and sophisticated.

My best friend bought the same one in black. We dragged those bags everywhere. Unfortunately, after several months of the general wear and tear that 22-year-olds subject their belongings to, the small pieces of leather that secured the strap to the brass rings on the bag began to weaken.

We both brought our bags in-store, and the manager took them, no questions asked, and had the leather reinforced.

Within a week they were back, and better than new. 

Its almost 10 years later, and I still have that bag. 

Sometimes I get caught up admiring expensive leather goods, that I forget all about Danier – an affordable, reliable, Canadian company that takes great care of their customers. 

Well, I just took a look at the new collection online, and let me tell you, this fall, I’m falling back in love with Danier

Here are my top 6 picks from the fall collection:

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