Zara Spring 2014

Zara Spring 2014

Yesterday, in a moment of weakness, I found myself in Zara. There are a few reasons why I no longer shop at Zara, which I will delve into in tomorrow’s post. But, putting aside ethics, quality, and issues surrounding fast-fashion … Continue reading

Trends I don’t “get”: Slip-on Sneakers

I really don’t get the slip-on sneaker trend. I do not like them with a dress. I do not like them with a mess. I do not like them on a twin. I do not like them with a grin. I do … Continue reading

Head to toe: Thursday

I still seem to be stuck in some kind of fall-winter outfit slump. I admit, as much as I love style and fashion, I’m not always great at putting the outfits together myself.

Today I pulled out a lovely little silk tunic that I picked up from Anthropologie last year. It is covered in what look to be hand-drawn trees and clouds and birds (most notably a Puffin) and the lyrics of a song called  Scottish Wind  by Frightened Rabbit.

I paired it with some “leather” (read: synthetic) leggings from American Apparel, a light knit cardigan from Line Knitwear, red scarf from Danier, silver hair piece from H&M (from the days when I still shopped at H&M), black Hadley booties from Vince Camuto, red watch from Timex, and my spring swing trench from Banana Republic Factory.

Head to toe

Head to toe

I’m feeling rather ho-hum about this outfit today…but the tunic is one of those fall-back items I love, when I just don’t know what else to wear.

What is your favourite fall back/comfort piece? And – more importantly – how are you making the transition into spring dressing?

Tips welcome.