Spring Transition – How to Wear White Jeans

Is there anything more fresh and lovely than a pair of white jeans?

I’ve long admired white-jeans-wearers, and have spent much time trying on and discarding pairs in changing rooms that were too tight, too loose, too transparent, too thick, too thin. It wasn’t until yesterday that I bought my first pair (thank you, GAP Canada spring sale) that have the perfect mix of snugness and stretch.

They are the quintessential transition piece – still a pant, but with an undeniable hint of summer.

Here are a few tips on how to make this trend work:

How to wear white jeans

1. Pay attention to fit – It may take some time to find the perfect pair, so be patient. White jeans can be unforgiving, so you are going to need to find the pair that is just right.

2. Think before you sit – Everything shows up on white jeans. EVERY. THING. So make sure you take a quick inspection of that bike seat/park bench/chair/etc before you rest your weary legs. Also: be conscious of what you wear with your jeans – new, brightly coloured tops and bags have dyes that can transfer.

3. Be mindful of your undergarments – No one wants to see your turquoise thong. And believe me, they will.  For white bottoms, boring beige works best.

4. Keep it classy – Pair with simple heels (because these jeans WILL make your legs look short) and a neutral leather belt.

5. Make a statement Add a colourful scarf, chunky watch, or bold necklace to dress ’em up and wear them to work.


white jeans atlantic pacific breaking rules

via Atlantic-Pacific

white jeans classy cubicle casual friday

via TheClassyCubicle

white jeans cupcakes and cashmere peachy keen

via CupcakesandCashmere

white jeans pinterest

via Pinterest

white jeans class fab spread sunshine

via Classy-Fabulous

white jeans classy fab hint of spring

via Classy-Fabulous

white jeans classy-fabulous transtion fall

via Classy-Fabulous


via AndyHeart


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