November Challenge

Hello November


Having completed my October Challenge, and feeling rather encouraged by publicly challenging myself, I’ve decided to create two new personal challenges to celebrate the month of November.

First, eating mindfully.

mindful eating


I’ve realized that I spend an awful lot of time rushing around. For years, I’ve been eating hurriedly at my desk  in front of my computer, mashing food into my face as quickly as possible so I can get out of the office and go shopping on my lunch hour. I’m not treating it as food, I am treating it as a chore. Just get it done, get fueled up, and get outside.

Pro –  Does shopping count as exercise?

Con – Spending too much money on stuff I don’t need, and eating so fast I hardly know what I’m eating.

I spent a few hours at a meditation and mindfulness seminar a few weeks ago, and one of the exercises was to hold a raisin in your hand for five minutes, and just look at it. Smell it. Squeeze it. Whatever you want, other than eating it. The next step was to eat it, and to spend five minutes eating one raisin. A challenge to say the least.  The first thing I learned as that it is actually possible to eat and savour one single raisin for five minutes and when you do, its amazing how much flavour it has! And how sweet it is. I’ve never eaten a raisin like that. My usual way of eating raisins is opening the little red box and dumping the entire thing into my mouth. A few chews and they’re gone.



The benefits to this are not only that those who eat mindfully, eat more slowly and often eat less. Its also much easier on your digestive system. And…by taking the time to eat more mindfully, I won’t be rushing out to spend all of my hard-earned money so impulsively. So, pluses all around.
tumblr_l9g29dPX6z1qdwetoo1_400 The second challenge is yoga.  Some form of yoga, every singe day, for the month of November. Whether its yogic breathing,  sun salutations, relaxation with savasana, pila-yoga, hot yoga – you name it. Thirty days of yoga to build core muscles, to encourage mindful living, to help me to manage stress, and for overall relaxation. 



Whats your November challenge?


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