Zara – Nothing Basic About This Coat

I try to give Zara a chance, I really do. But I just can’t sometimes. 
So today, browsing around online on one of my favourite blogs, I came across a post about this coat from Zara’s TRF line.
Its called “Basic Wool Coat“. 
Nice, right?
Perfect length! I thought. Looks great on the model, I thought. Nice collar…good composition – a classy, simple, fall coat. Its available in Black, Whisky or Gray Marl, and at CAD$99.00, it seems like a very reasonable add to the fall clothing budget.
That should have been my first red flag.

Then I clicked on “Composition”. 

basic wool coat

Low and behold, there nothing “Basic” or “Wool” about this coat.
In fact, it should be called “Imitation Wool, Polyester coat”.
Now, I’ve already blogged at length about my dislike of polyester, and I have tweeted photo evidence of examples of terrible quality I’ve come across at Zara before, so this rant shouldn’t come as a surprise.
But, if you’ve ever “invested” in a Zara “wool” coat before, you know that they last about one winter. They pill, they wear, and they attract hair and lint like a magnet. 
From the moment you pull it off the rack, it will never look the same again.
I know a lot of people who LOVE Zara. Prolific style blogger Garance Doré has a how-to guide for shopping at the mega-retailer, and Man Repeller makes note of the undeniable fact that Zara’s high-fashion knock offs make fashion more available to the masses in her post Wherein Zara Wins“. Lovely Elena from Classy and Fabulous seems to get 90% of her wardrobe from Zara, and even Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere favours Zara shoes and on-trend blouses as seasonable fashion pick-me-ups.
And to be fair, Zara is by no means the only offender. H&M, TopShop, Forever21, and Mango are also purveyors of the kind of mass quantity over quality that drives me nuts.
Many people tell me its just about sifting through the racks and finding the gems. But…I just can’t anymore.
I’ve had my fill of Zara (and H&M…and Forever21), because no matter how good the price seems, and no matter how good it looks on the rack, its just not WORTH it. In the end, when it comes down to value, as the old adage says, “The most expensive suit is the one you only wear once”

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