October Challenge – Take the Stairs

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Seriously, how is it October 1 already? 

As much as Autumn is my favourite season, slowly but surely, my energy is zapped as soon as the cool weather begins to settle in. 

Bicycles are stored for the season. Shin pads and soccer cleats are put away for spring. No more Sunday morning yoga in the park, or swimming laps in your friend’s backyard pool.

Yes, there is still hiking, jogging, and long brisk walks – but as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, outdoor exercise options become more and more limited.

And, if pumping iron under the glow of florescent lights, or jogging on a treadmill-to-nowhere like a hamster in a wheel with a bunch of sweaty people you don’t know doesn’t sound like a reasonable energy boosting alternative to you either, I would suggest adding a few lazy gal exercises into your day.

Which brings me to taking the stairs.

336 stairs for 31 days**. That is my challenge. 

Maybe that doesn’t seem like a very challenging goal for hard-core fitness enthusiasts. But, for me, 12 flights – or 336 stairs is enough to get me huffing and puffing. 

Taking the stairs is never going to be a be-all end-all to getting the bikini body of your dreams. But, as a recent article in the Globe and Mail points out, “the small changes approach” to fitness can be much more sustainable in the long run, and it can help to bridge the gap between making healthy choices and turning those choice into daily habits.

So to begin with, my challenge is 12 flights or 336 stairs to get to my office, and for the month of October, I will climb every last one, everyday.

What is your October challenge?

**Technically I guess its only 23 days once you subtract weekends, but you know what I mean



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