French-ify your fall wardrobe with Sandro Paris

Despite the sweltering temperatures in Montreal today, September has me craving fall wardrobe staples. And who better to inform on wardrobe staples than the French? I’ve already discussed my love of Maje Officiel in an earlier post, abut today I’m craving Sandro Paris – also available at select Hudson’s Bay locations – what luck! And, it turns out the founder’s are sisters – Evelyne Chétrite (Sandro) and Judith Milgrom (Maje), which may explain the effortless sophistication and French-ness that pervades both fall collections.

The Sandro signature is chic and elegant, with a touch of sexy.


*I had to pop in these last two even though they are from the Spring/Summer collection, because I LOVE blouse body-suits. 




Find all the styles your heart desires at Sandro Paris.

 If you want to learn more about Sandro and Maje and their respective founders, check out this great piece by Lisa Armstrong from last year’s Telegraph, entitled “Here’s the other French Election“.

What are your top fall wardrobe basics?



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