Secret Weapon

At $41, I was skeptical. 
As I stood in O Coiffure & Spa and as I read the bottle which promised “heat-activated reconstructing milk for brittle, damaged hair”, I thought, “How good could it possibly be?”.

But, bolstered by the claims of a university chum who said Kérastase Ciment Thermique “literally changed my hair”, I pulled out the plastic and decided to give ‘er a spin.
I was battling breakage and heat damage from dyeing, washing, drying and straightening, day in and day out. And, I’d been hardened from many years as the Goldilocks of styling products – its either too weak, and my hair ends up frizzy, puffy, and full of flyaways,  or its too thick, and my hair becomes heavy, oily, matted and flat. 
I was overdue for something that was just right. 
Enter Ciment Thermique.
How to:
Take a dime-sized amount of this citrus-scented wonder elixir, and distribute evenly through freshly washed hair. I usually add a drop of Moroccan Oil into the mix, and comb it through. Style as usual. 
Enjoy soft, smooth and best of all, manageable hair.
This one is a keeper. Ciment Thermique lived up to its claims. This product packs a serious punch. I wash my hair every second day, and I’ve had the same bottle for almost a full year.
Although it is specially formulated to combat the damage of heat-styling, I must confess that on occasion, I just comb it through and let my hair air-dry.
Buy early, buy often. This one is worth hoarding.




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